A0: Intro. to Pyret Pyret logo

Due: Wednesday, 9/5 at 11:59pm

Your job in this assignment is to familiarize yourself with the Pyret language, which we'll be using for much of this course. The assignment has two parts, both of which are pretty easy.

Part 0: A Tour of Pyret

Sign up for the course Piazza site (a message board for discussion of HW questions): piazza.com/ohio/fall2018/cs3200.

Read A Tour of Pyret, which introduces the basic datatypes and control flow operators of the Pyret language. Other documentation you may find useful is linked here and on the main course page:

Part 1: "Install" Pyret

Pyret is implemented in JavaScript and runs entirely online so there's not that much to install, really. But note that to save programs in the Pyret editor, you will need to sign up for a Google account if you don't already have one.

To test that things work, go to:


click the "Open Editor" button, then type the following program into the left-hand window:

print("Hello, Pyret!")

After hitting the "Run" button, you should see the following output in the right-hand window:

Hello, Pyret!
"Hello, Pyret!"

TROUBLESHOOTING: You may find that the Pyret editor works better in Google Chrome than in older versions of Firefox. It seems to work fine in Microsoft Edge and in newer Firefoxes.

Part 2: Complete the Exercises

  • Download a0-3200-f17-STUDENT.arr and copy/paste it into a new Pyret editor window.
  • Complete the exercises as directed in the comments in the file, making sure that you include your name and Ohio ID.
  • Make sure that, before you submit, all test cases pass (or as many as you can make pass). You can check how many tests are currently passing by hitting the "Run" button.
  • Submit your file, named a0-3200-f17-STUDENT.arr, via Blackboard on or before 11:59pm on the due date.