Webservsers in EECS

The EECS webserver for user accounts assume that the user accounts are configured in this way. The user must have a directory, public_html, that contains all web pages to be displayed. The user default homepage is named homepage.html.

The users's homepage, as well as all other pages to be displayed, must be world readable. The public_html directory and the users's home directory must be world executable, but do not have to be world readable (that is, chmod 711 public_html is sufficient.)

The web server on ace is accessable globally. Users who have homepage.html pages in public_html dirctories are automatically entered into the Personal web pages page doing the nightly system batch processing. Personal web pages are also accessable using the ~username convention. For example, to reference the homepage for user "luser", the URL could be specified as either http://ace/~luser or http://ace/~luser/homepage.html (to specify it precisely).

The web server at www.cs.ohio.edu is on a restricted machine, and the data on it is not available for user updates.